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Why PassPort Technologies

Located in the La Jolla / Torrey Pines area of San Diego, California, PassPort Technologies Inc. is focused on the development of advanced drug delivery systems. After being spun out of Nitto Denko Corporation in July 2019, the company was established to continue R&D efforts towards the commercialization of the PassPort® transdermal platform.

With strong technical knowledge and decades of experience in both pharmaceutical sciences and engineering, the PassPort Technologies team possesses the necessary expertise in transdermal formulation and medical device development that PassPort®  system requires.

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How We Help Pharmaceutical Partners

PassPort Technologies is aiming to create improved pharmaceutical products using its patent-protected drug delivery platform. The result is a unique drug repositioning opportunity for companies already offering approved therapeutics and vaccines, as well as those developing new NCE candidates. 

PassPort Technologies currently collaborates with a wide range of partners -- from leading academic institutions, to small specialty pharma groups and multinational pharmaceutical companies. We are able to quickly formulate and evaluate partner's drug candidates in-house using the PassPort® System.


Continued Innovation

PassPort Technologies is looking to the future for medication management and patient adherence.

With the implementation of novel technologies, the company will continue to evolve the PassPort® system to allow for the integration of new wireless communication and data management solutions.

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